Congratulations! You have been selected for participation in Art Eindhoven. We look forward to your reservation.

After this you can indicate your wishes. Please note: the form is set to 100% participation fee. That is why we follow this procedure:
– you can ignore the rates of the stand and the publicity package, the 50% discount applies,
– the registration fee is no longer applicable, as you have already paid it,
– the NABK discount is therefore no longer applicable,
– the cost overview on the last page of the form is not correct,
– please click on ‘inschrijven’ (register), then we will receive your data,
– after that you will receive the correct confirmation by email with the correct invoice, which you do not pay via Mollie but via a bank transfer.
The invoice is due no later than 1 August.

We kindly ask you to fill in your details next (the form is in Dutch).