The next edition of Art Eindhoven will take place on 3 and 4 February 2024. You can register until 15 October 2023. Next the balloting committee will make the selection for Art Eindhoven 2024 from all applications.

Exclusive early bird offer:
If you sign up before 21 June 2023, you will receive the standard publicity package* worth € 114,95 (including VAT) as a gift when you make your final reservation for your stand!

STEP 1 – Apply
Any artist can apply for Art Eindhoven. This can be done easily by sending the following to, preferably via
– your CV as pdf
– and a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 good images of work that is representative of what you want to exhibit during Art Eindhoven. You will always receive a confirmation of receipt from us.
– you pay € 71,39 (€ 59,- + 21% VAT) balloting/registration fee using the form below; after payment your registration is final. In case of negative balloting this amount will be refunded.

Next the balloting committee will evaluate all applications and select the final participants for Art Eindhoven 2023. In doing so, the committee also strives for a good balance between the various disciplines.

STEP 2 – Registration
Every artist with a positive balloting will receive a personal message early November and can then effectively register and choose the stand.

The participation fee* is:
– stand 1 x 3 m: € 430,- / 2 x 3 m: € 590,-
– stand 1 x 4 m: € 555,- / 2 x 4 m: € 745,-
– stand 1 x 5 m: € 660,- / 2 x 5 m: € 940,-
– stand 1 x 6 m: € 760,- / 2 x 6 m: € 1.085,-
Different stand sizes are possible in consultation with the organization.

If you have any questions before then, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Art Eindhoven
Els van Lent
tel +31 (0)162 521 500

Als je nu op aanmelden klikt, kom je in de betaalomgeving van Mollie, waar je kunt kiezen voor betaling met iDeal of overboeking.
If you now click on 'Aanmelden', you will enter the payment environment of Mollie, where you can choose to pay with iDeal or bank transfer.


* All amounts are excl. 21% VAT. Each participant contributes to the costs of additional promotion and receives publicity (and more) in return. You can choose the package that suits you best, starting at € 95,- (an image with name and website on, name on the floor plans for all visitors, a half-page presentation in the A4 catalogue worth € 210, an unlimited number of digital tickets for business relations).

Your stand will always have hard walls. Hanging wires and hooks are included in the rental of your stand. If you have standing work, you can place your works in front of the walls, if desired on pedestals brought by yourself. Also included in the participation fee are: a chair, 2 light spots, 2 badges, your name on your stand and four consumption vouchers.
All participation conditions can be found here:
conditions of participation